vicgraphOur grocery retail platform consists of components called managers. Each manager drives a portion of your omni-channel strategy, such as your web site, and together they can drive the full digital shopper interaction. The managers can be implemented together or as needed while remaining fully integrated with each other, your systems and partners. What this means is that all your digital initiatives, current and future, share data and integrations to provide a single personalized experience to your shoppers through any channel.
Fully tailored to your brand, operations, and market - because one size doesn’t fit all - our platform brings together your marketing, operations, IT teams and partners to a single integration point.

  • VIC WBM – Web Manager - your web site
  • VIC MBM – Mobile Manager – your shopper mobile apps
  • VIC DSM – Digital Signage Manager – your in-store kiosks and digital signage
  • VIC CTM – Contact Manager – your shopper campaigns and communication
  • VIC PTM – Print manager – your printed circulars to digital

wbm square Ecommerce and shopping trip planning, fully integrated and tailored web sites

  • Single shopping cart for digital ordering of any item, including center store, configurable, made to order (MTO) and restaurant items.
  • Per shopper personalization
  • Multiple shopping lists with list to cart and cart to list
  • Digital coupons and offers
  • Loyalty dashboards
  • E-commerce enabled automated digital circulars and weekly ads
  • Recipes, meal planning and content
  • In-store fulfilment (ISF) with real-time and offline modes, stationary or mobile
  • Back-end with content management system (CMS) and product information manager (PIM) with access to product image and data libraries
  • Integrated with your loyalty, Point of Sale (POS) and merchandising systems
  • Credit card payments integrated with your current processor
  • Security audited, scalability tested and modular
  • Open APIs to bring your own web design, mobile apps, social media and partners

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 mbm squareMobile Apps extending your web site to smartphones and tablets

  • All the functions of your web site available real-time within smartphone and tablet apps with fully matched user interface and branding
  • Location aware for location based offers
  • Device specific features to scan items to shopping cart or shopping list

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 dsm squareIn-store interactive kiosks and digital signage

  • Centralized and fully integrated digital signage for any display anywhere
  • Kiosks with coupon to card targeted offers, loyalty signup, price checks, product search and aisle locators
  • Integrated digital signage content management and mobile device management (MDM) features
  • Interactive advertising displays and real-time menu boards
  • Audience analytics including demographics and traffic counting
  • Windows and Android display clients
  • Fully customizable kiosk hardware with your branding

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ctm squares Email and SMS campaigns and shopper communications

  • E-mail and text/SMS campaigns with targeting.
  • Integration with your circulars, digital coupons and web site
  • Two way communication capabilities for interactive features over text or voice, such as gift card balance lookups and digital coupons to card
  • Call to action QR codes and promotional landing pages
  • Provides communication capabilities to all other platform components to provide information to shoppers such as order status notifications over text or voice calls

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 ptm squareAutomated print to interactive digital circulars

  • Integrates with your planogram, advertising and merchandising systems to receive product information
  • Built-in product image and data libraries
  • Product Information Management (PIM) included integrated with VIC WBM to auto-populate your web site with circular, significantly reduce required labor and e-commerce enable them
  • Complete with industry partnerships to maintain circular look on the web and mobile apps

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