Connecting grocery retailers to shoppers is what we do. We tailor our e-commerce and planning platform to deliver a personalized and engaging shopping experience on your web site, mobile, or in-store.

blueimage3The platform and its components, called managers, deployed together or separately, inspire your shoppers and halt your competition. We work close together to include all of the features, system and partner integrations needed to provide a unified and omni-channel shopping experience. From personalized e-commerce, shopping planning tools, loyalty shopper dashboards, digital coupons and offers, to mobile apps or digital signage and interactive kiosks, our open platform gives you the single integration point to connect with your shoppers like never before.

Bundled with our services and support, we deliver your digital strategy so you can focus on growth.

E-Commerce and Shopping Trip Planning

Connect with Your Shoppers Online

We bring everything together under one integrated web site so you can offer your shoppers real time access to shop your stores.

They can also manage their loyalty accounts, clip digital coupons, view circulars and create shopping lists.

We create a shopping destination that is tailored to your brand, your systems and your partners. You can upsell, cross-sell and personalize your website with intelligent targeting, recipes and content. Your employees can fulfill online orders with live in-store fulfillment tailored to their jobs. Differentiate and drive your own strategy no matter what the current and future competition is, with complete enterprise customization around your market, strengths, and marketing message.

Keep your shoppers coming back, lifting sales, reducing costs and increasing your profitability.

In-store Kiosks & Digital Signage

Influence Shopping Decisions in Stores

We fuel your stores with seamlessly integrated kiosks and digital signage for true omni-channel capabilities to drive in-store purchasing decisions.

Kiosks with personalized digital coupons and special promotions influence your shoppers just before their shopping trip begins. They can also deliver automated customer service, from loyalty sign ups to price lookups and aisle locators to free up your employees.

With capabilities that extend to menu boards, or any digital sign, you get a digital signage platform that works as if it was developed specifically with your needs in mind.

Marketing Communication Tools

Reach Your Shoppers Anywhere

Using email, text, QR Codes, voice or location based technologies, we deliver marketing tools for you to reach your shoppers or let your shoppers reach you no matter where they are.

With our tools you can target e-mails and text messages that are an extension of your web site and circulars. You can create and execute custom marketing communication programs with two-way interactive text campaigns that are integrated into your loyalty or partner systems. You can offer location based coupons that can be used with just a text, QR code scan or voice call. Even create interactive signage with text to screen.

You can now interact with your shoppers anytime, anywhere, on any device and execute any marketing initiative.

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